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Vintage Samplers

Sampler Stock

We currently have a few vintage samplers for sale:

DSS-1 Korg DSS-1: $512
S-550 Roland S-550: $256
TX16W Yamaha TX16W: $128

Additionally, we also stock disks, HxC SD cards, Drives, and Parts. Contact us to purchase or use the Paypal buttons below.

Disk Libraries

We have the following disks for purchase ($8/ea) or trade:

SD Cards (HxC compatible)

The following SD cards are compatible with the HxC floppy emulator.

Note: Our Wine Country Productions library is only available on SD cards bundled with a Prophet 2000 or 2002, due to our license agreement. Contact Wine Country Sequential directly for SD card purchases.

Ensoniq Mirage SD Cards (HxC floppy emulator compatible images)

Mirage SD Factory Collection (A, B, and C volumes, 30 licensed disk images total): $128
Mirage SDSyntaur Collection (All 55 licensed Syntaur disks, along with factory library): $256

Emu Emax SD Cards

Emax SD Factory Collection (140 ZD disk images): $128

Korg DSS-1 and DSM-1 SD Cards

DSM1 SDDSS-1 Factory Collection (all 70 KSDU disk images): $64
DSM1 SDDSM-1 Factory Collection (16 KMD disk images, along with DSS-1 Factory library): $64

Roland S Family SD Cards

S50 SDS50 Factory Collection (79 disk images): $64
S550 SDS550 Factory Collection (59 disk images, along with S50 library): $64
S7xx SDS7xx Factory Collection (54 disk images, along with the S550 and S50 libraries): $64

Yamaha TX16W SD Cards

TX16W SDFactory Collection (65 disk images): $64


We stock floppy disk drives ($64) and SD card readers ($128) for the following synths (contact us for floppy drive availability):

  • Emu: Emax, EmaxII
  • Ensoniq: Mirage
  • Korg: DSS-1, DSM-1
  • Roland: S-50, S-330, S-550, S-7x0, W-30
  • Sequential Circuits: Prophet 2000, Prophet 2002
  • Yamaha: TX16W
HxC SD card readerHxC SD card reader ($128)

Sampler Parts

We carry parts for the following samplers:

  • Emu: Emax II
  • Korg: DSS-1
  • Roland: S-50, S-550
  • Yamaha: TX16W

Roland S-550 Mouse

The PS-2 to MSX mouse adapter will allow a PS-2 mouse to be used with a Roland S-550.

MSX to PS2 adapterPS-2 to MSX adapter ($32)
Optical MouseOptical mouse ($8)