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Recycling Organ Cabinets

The journey continues ...

Electone 7000 controls removed Electone 7000 shell 415 Synth Stand

As can be seen by occasional Facebook and Twitter posts, we are on a grand expedition to save some old Yamaha Electone organs and make them useful again.  The next step on this journey (after finding and buying them) is to break them down into a useful (portable) format.  That means ditching the beautiful cabinets and replacing them with smaller custom cases.  Once we dive into a few of them, we started asking "What do we do with the old cabinets, speakers, and amps?"  Regarding the later, we plan to eventually come up with some stand-alone speaker and amp products to use them up (lots of 8" speakers with an occasional 12" or 15"), but that is rather low on our priority list.

For the cabinets, we first considered repurposing them as roll-top desks, but then a more obvious answer came to light, build a keyboard stand out of them.  Plus, it turns out the bottom portion that previously housed the speakers and amp was perfect for side-by-side racks, although we may put subs in the bottom part of other organs.  The Electone 7000 stand shown (right) will have a new deck, sliding shelf for the second keyboard (so it is easy to pull out for programming), and accommodate a third synth (or studio monitors) on top.  We also left the lights in the organ, so both the keyboards and rack areas are lit.  Once it is done, it should look very similar to this Electone 415 (see left) we just installed at Square Wave Sound.

Next step ... adding controls to the equivalent analog power of 3 CS-50/60 era synths!