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Bob Moog Foundation Visit

Spring 2013

Crumar Spirit Serial 0001 Resonator

The primary purpose for my recent trip to Asheville was to visit the Bob Moog Foundation. I wanted to discuss their progress and figure out how we could work together on some of our common goals (synthesizer preservation and education). In addition, I got an up-close look at some of their archives (as a donation perk from their Indiegogo campaign last year).

After a brief introduction and discussion of SynthArk’s genesis, vision, progress, and relocation plans, Michelle Moog-Koussa and Marc Doty showed me documents, pictures, brochures, articles, and schematics from the archives, chronicling the professional life of Bob Moog and Moog Music. It was fascinating to get a peek into the life of a legend and understand some of the back story behind various products and interactions with other well known artists and institutions.

After lunch, they showed me the fabled (serial 1) Crumar Spirit Bob helped design, which is probably one of the most versatile monosynths of the era. Another synth and several prototypes were presented from the archive (including the pictured resonator), but I can’t go into details on them, since the Moog Foundation will unveil them in the fullness of time.

We wrapped up my visit with an update on the Bob Moog Foundation’s projects, specifically the Moogseum and Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool (currently teaching the science of sound and music to grade school children). This meeting renewed our resolve to assist and support the Bob Moog Foundation in their various endeavors (more on that later). I highly recommend them as a cause worthy of being supported by all musicians.